Blog of a Kinamaniac

by Kristina the Kinamaniac

  • Meeting with the Shoe Maker

    Meeting with the shoe maker. I just got back from a two-day trip to Portugal to meet with the shoe maker and take decisions for the upcoming KinaMania derbies collection...

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  • Pop Up Les Marolles

    KINAMANIA POP UP JUNE 22-23 IN THE MAROLLES, BRUSSELS Three weeks ago, KinaMania popped up with 4 other brands in the Marolles neighbourhood of Brussels for a 2-day boutique concept....

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  • Clio - The Greek Sandal

    KINAMANIA X YOUR LOCAL NINJAS COLLECTIVE Last July 2018, I made a facebook post about KINAMANIA joining hands with the Your Local Ninjas anonymous collective of creatives to serve one sustainable future. The logical...

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  • @ Kanal Centre Pompidou

    KINAMANIA X KANAL CENTRE POMPIDOU So much happening these days for KINAMANIA, with more to come in the near future. I can proudly announce that carefully selected styles of the kina...

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  • The Mania for Kinas

    THE MANIA FOR KINAS The mania for kinas – in other words the kinamania – began with a line of abarca-inspired flats. The popular Spanish sandal, is where it all started...

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  • The sneaker sandal

    THE 'SNEADAL'  A kinamaniac calls them the “sneadals”. She bought a kina pair of abarcas and she just can’t take them off! Most of us, women especially, have countless pairs...

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  • KINAMANIA collaborates with NGOs

      KINAMANIA X SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY The people that we collaborate with are the most significant part of our work and of the products that you purchase from KINAMANIA. Artists, artisans...

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