Clio - The Greek Sandal

Clio - The Greek Sandal


Last July 2018, I made a facebook post about KINAMANIA joining hands with the Your Local Ninjas anonymous collective of creatives to serve one sustainable future. The logical flow of events was for Kinamania to start producing lines of shoes in Lebanon to serve the Middle East with the objective to support local artisans and get fair priced products to the Kinamaniacs community. I am proud to announce our first handmade in Lebanon production on display at Boutique Hub since end of May. 



Clio is the first style of the Greek Sandal line of handmade full leather sandals made with a combination of quality Italian and Lebanese leathers skins. This is only the beginning of the handmade in Lebanon adventure with the aim to continuously refine the quality of our craftsmanship, raw materials and designs. On a side note, the first pair was sold on my birthday … that was one beautiful gift!



About the #YourLocalNinjas post made last July 2018.
KINAMANIA shoes have been selling at Boutique Hub. since 2015 where I’ve had the chance to meet and exchange with numerous Lebanese emerging designers and brands about slow design, slow fashion and the challenges that we face when being confronted to fast fashion mass produced items and market trends. 
Slow Fashion is not your typical seasonal fashion trend, it is a deliberate choice to buy better-quality pieces, less often, in an environmentally and ethically conscious way, valuing the entire network of makers, artisans, creatives, distributors and salespeople. 
KINAMANIA joins hands with the #YourLocalNinjas anonymous collective of home-grown creatives to serve one sustainable future. The initiative defies borders, industries and individualistic identities.


In the absence of clear and fair market regulations, this is a reminder that we form a market of our own, with work ethics of our own.
Given the current status of the international and local markets, it became important that we remind our supporters and audiences at large, that the community that we form, is not in a position to follow traditional mass-production market trends, such as SALE, because it affects our entire support network.
We have a responsibility towards our makers, artisans, distributors, sales assistants, loyal clients and everyone involved in our businesses.
Your support and understanding of our production system is key to compensate everyone around us what they deserve, and an essential asset of our local economy.
Together we can create sustainable small to medium local industries, fair markets and supportive communities.


We offer free shipping to the Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. Every kina purchase you make pays tribute to artists, artisans and craft-based NGOs.